Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of popular questions that many people have when starting a kitchen, bath, or other project. Please note that every project, house, and customer is unique and there may not be one right answer to every question. Please contact us for specific answers to any questions that you may have.

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Our Process

Every project is unique, but generally, any time you have a rough idea of about how much space you will be leaving for the kitchen and bathroom, we can start working.

Decisions that you make with us will require coordination with your contractor, plumber, electrician, and flooring company. The earlier that plans are finalized with us, the earlier that we can get your drawings to your contractor. This will ensure that drains and electrical wiring are placed in the proper locations. Depending on the season, we have a lead time of 1-3 months for cabinets and countertops. (This means that when you finalize your plans, it will be 1-3 months before the product will be ready for install.)

The Kitchen and bath industry hinges on meeting the demands of your inspiration. This can lead to an abundance of options that can be challenging to navigate. With help from our skilled design specialists, we can make your dreams a reality. Every customer and project is different. For a more specific idea, please visit our showroom or call us at 217-342-9552.

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We provide all our design work free of charge. Because of this, we typically do not release the drawings until you have made a deposit for purchase.

Cabinets: Yes. We are a full-service shop and we are happy to install your cabinets. If you prefer to have someone else install, that is fine as well.

Countertops: Yes. In order for us to warranty your stone countertops, one of our qualified installers needs to install the tops. We would not have to install laminate countertops.

You would make a 1/2 deposit when you sign paperwork finalizing your selections. The rest will not be owed until the product is either picked up or installed.

We accept credit, debit, check, or cash. We will recommend that you call your bank or credit card company to ensure that you are able to make a charge or withdrawal of that size prior to payment if you choose to pay with a debit or credit card.

All measuring and design work are free of charge.


Lighting has dramatic effects on the tone, depth, and overall impression of a countertop. The warmth or coolness of the lighting causes this change in appearance. For example, a white countertop under an incandescent light may appear warmer than it would under fluorescent. We encourage customers to look at samples under the type of lighting that will be used in their room.

The true colors and patterns of stone are hard to capture in a picture. Samples can be viewed at our showroom or our dealer’s showroom nearest you.

For bathroom or smaller spaces, we offer a variety of remnants, smaller size pieces with the same heat, stain, and scratch-resistant properties as the larger pieces of stone used in kitchens and islands.

View the benefits and feature page that demonstrates the differences between quartz and granite. For more specific questions, contact us or a dealer near you.

Granite is an all-natural stone that is cut from quarries. These quarries, located worldwide, produce a vast array of colors and patterns.

We treat all of our natural granite countertops with a 15-year impregnating sealer at the time of installation. This premium sealer provides exceptional stain protection, allowing you time to clean up spills.

Yes. The appeal of granite is the uniqueness of each piece. Colors vary from slab to slab and even within the individual piece. Because of this, it is best if a customer visits us and hand-selects their slab.

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world. Engineers combine natural quartz with resins to create a product that is extremely durable (stain, scratch, and heat resistant) and beautiful.

Every brand has its own unique characteristics. Our design specialists will help you to choose the best product for your project.

Natural quartz is more consistent in color and pattern than natural granite, so your selection can be made easier with a smaller sample. As with any natural material, color, and pattern can change within an individual slab.

Soapstone is quarried much like granite. The mineral makeup of this stone gives it a warm soft look. It is non-porous and is impervious to virtually any type of chemical, but it is much softer and easier to scratch.

Quartz and granite are heat resistant. However, extreme heat may damage the stone, especially at the seams. We recommend using hot pads or trivets.

Our skilled fabricators and installers use techniques to make the seam as inconspicuous as the color and pattern allow.

We fabricate our tops from one of the thickest slabs available. They are designated 3CM (centimeters), which is approximately 1 1/8″ inches. This thickness provides optimal aesthetics and durability.

Stone tops are one of the hardest materials for kitchen and bath use. However, we strongly recommend the use of a cutting board.

The largest tops are digitally optimized from the slab first. The remaining stone is often able to be cut for vanities, utility rooms, sills, etc.

We have an inventory of remnants, which can be used for a smaller project without the cost of purchasing a full slab.

Laser technology is used to measure accurate dimensions of your room and cabinets. This ensures a precise fit of your stone top.

What you need to know:

We template for tops once the cabinets are permanently installed in new construction. For remodel (new tops only – keeping existing cabinets), we prefer that the old countertops are removed. This allows for the most accurate templating and the best fit of the new countertops.

All sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, and anything that will require a cutout in the countertop must be at the job site or in our showroom prior to templating.

Cabinets must be installed. If you are remodeling, we prefer the countertops to be removed.

All items that will receive a cutout in the top (sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, cooktops, etc). must be at the job or in our showroom at the time of templating.

Many jobs are installed in one day. Larger projects naturally increase this time.

Download a copy of customer expectations for stone (quartz/granite) and solid surface countertop template/measure and installation.

Stone tops can be selected with or without backsplashes. The splash is usually the same as the top material.