Our Process


The kitchen and bath industry hinges on meeting the demands of your inspiration. This can lead to an abundance of options that can be difficult to navigate. With help from our skilled design specialist we can make your dreams a reality. Here is how our process works.

1. Plan

Mette's Custom Countertops' design specialists work with a range of high quality surfaces to fit every lifestyle, taste, and budget. We know that designing a custom kitchen or bath can seem a bit overwhelming, but with a combination of your ideas and our help, your dream project can be a cinch. We eliminate the unknowns during the planning and creation stage, allowing you to relax and enjoy the process.

Items to Consider

  • Determine your budget to maximize its potential.
  • Explore ideas and inspiration.
  • Put everything on paper.
  • Visualize the finished look.
  • Examine how lighting will affect your design selections.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of material choices.
  • Consider life style and functionality needs.
  • Consider resale value in your selection.
  • Confidently choose colors and designs that excite you.
  • Be bold, pick what you love.

2. Measure / Template

Walls are rarely perfectly square and flat, so accurate measuring is necessary when creating your new countertops. Our highly-trained experts will come to your home and measure using the latest digital technology to ensure a precise fit.

3. Fabricate

For starters, we cut and shape your countertops with our state-of-the-art, CNC equipment using the digital template as a guide. Then our skilled craftsmen hand polish the edge profile, which produces an exceptional quality that you will see and feel. Unlike other fabrication shops, you can only expect this type of attention to detail from a family-owned and operated business like Mette's.

4. Install

During the installation process, Mette's highly-trained, professional team will attend to every detail, so your completed project is as beautiful as you imagined.

We are proud of our reputation for providing exceptional customer service for more than 30 years.